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LGBT Forum & Networking event (X-post)

Hey all! I put my brave face on for the networking event and was Productive with as many people as possible.

Queer Ink, the LGBT writing group are happy to do a storywriting workshop with us.

AB+ (HIV support) still want us to explain bisexuality to members.

I've agreed to speak to the volunteers at the LGBT Switchboard about what our group does on Sunday 9th November. Shout out if anyone wants to join me then.

Also, planning for Pride is geting underway. The organisers want more of a village fete affair where we can make money for ourselves through games. First, what do you want from Pride? Second, IF grants were available, what would you want us to do?

Lastly, right now the forum is for LGB people. Back in the mists of time this was justified because 'no trans groups were interested in getting involved'. Hopefully this is soon going to change, so I'll keep people posted with developments.

For more information about Birmingham Pride Community Trust, look at this link:

Take care,
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